CyberShock CTF 2021 write-ups

CyberShock CTF 2021 was provided by CybExer Technologies & CTF Tech (EE) within CyberShock 2021 conference, organized by CERT.LV. The event took place from 6th of October, starting at 09:00 (UTC+3), until the 7th of October at 17:00 (UTC+3). This CTF was in style of jeopardy & infrastructure takeover. Tasks were split in three categories - bronze, silver, gold. Only 5 tasks could be open at a time. Taking hints or leaving open task gave point penalty. Participated 31 teams with maximum up-to 5 members per team.

Our team participated remotely, and we finished 1st, solving all-ish* (one of the challenges was broken for us) and receiving 3175 points. Prizes were provided by CyberCircle and we each received HackRF One. Unfortunately, without antenna ;)

CyberShock CTF logo CyberShock CTF awards

my write-ups

bronze (50pt)

Locked Out, Juggling, Secret Files, Hidden Text, Tunneled Data, Troll, Tough Choice.

silver (100pt)

Space Invader, Injection, API, CV, Unbreakable Encryption, Multi Brute, C&C Access, C&C Elevation, Jimbo The Smuggler.

gold (200pt)

Arcade, The Memory Remains, Hacked Account, PLC Hack, Rootkit, E Corp, I'm Pickle Rick!, DNS Records, PHP Shell Code, MySQL UDF, Unknown Device.

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