CyberShock CTF 2022 write-ups

CyberShock CTF 2022 was provided by CybExer Technologies & CTF Tech (EE) within CyberChess 2022 conference, organized by CERT.LV. The event took place from 4th of October, starting at 09:00 (UTC+3), until the 5th of October at 14:00 (UTC+3). This CTF was in style of jeopardy & infrastructure takeover. Tasks were split in three categories - smart home, smart city, smart airspace. Only 5 tasks could be open at a time. Taking hints or leaving open task gave point penalty. Participated 36 teams with maximum up-to 5 members per team.

Our team participated remotely, and we finished 1st, solving all 28 challenges with 16 hour handicap and receiving 6050 points. Prizes were provided by CERT.LV.

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my write-ups

smart home

Network Fix (100pts), It's Always DNS (300pts), Stuck (150pts), Cool Video (200pts), Mailbox (200pts), Fridge (200pts), Homework (300pts), Emoji Analysis (300pts), Infection (300pts), Minecraft (300pts).

smart city

Maps (250pts), Nexif (200pts), Smart Bike (200pts), Bus Stop (250pts), Self Driving Car (250pts), Registry (250pts), Health Check (200pts), One Time Pad (300pts), Harden (150pts).

smart airspace

ATC (200pts), ATIS (200pts), Weather Data (100pts), Flight Plan (300pts), Backdoored Image (200pts), Leaked Data (300pts), Boarding Pass (100pts), Top-Secret (200pts), Automated (50pts).

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